6 Music Artist to Watch : May Edition


This emerging R&B sensation from Chicago hit 2020 hard with his new single “No Purpose” . This song is an anthem for those relationship seekers tired of playing childish games. It’s clear why the legendary Gladys Knight had him on supporting vocals. Avehre’s feel good soulful voice mixed with his relevant new era swag make him a necessary addition to everyone’s playlist.

Check Him out : https://linktr.ee/avehre


This creative mastermind feels like the long lost son of Icon Missy Elliott. Bravado is a blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, acoustic soul, trap, and more. He debuted his new EP “Head Voice” just weeks ago and his songs “Tired” & “Homegoing” caught our eye.



Nothing can describe Maxa more than a “Vibe”. She is the music child of Badu and Michael. Maxa is a bridge between music worlds. Her soulful pop sound is an unbelievable vibe that can adapt to almost any situation. Her single from last year “Fever” will get you through a work filled day. Though her album was halted by the virus that shall not be named she is sure a diva to be on your rader.



Often times music these days can miss the emotional mark. We hear music that fails to speak to our raw emotions .. lacking substance and reality. Well Rinny with simplicity, clean vocals, and head nodding soulful beats brings us just what we need. His new self-titled EP Rinny Vol.1 is a good choice for your social distancing playlist.



Its hard to put Tonina in a box. The truth is she doesn’t need to be. She is a multi-instrumentalist and vocal masterpiece. Her voice is angelic yet sultry. She pulls you in and makes you dance to the movements of her voice. If it isn’t enough that her voice is one of a kind… she sings in more than one language. Check out two songs from her we really love!




Lakes the Voice is a refreshing reminder that good R&B still exist. This soulful crooner can make the room melt. Now if being a handsome guy who can sing isn’t enough… he’s also a guitarist and damn good on the keys. This St. Louis native produces, writes, plays, and composes. Check his diverse collection of singles and get your mind ready for the album to drop.


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