5 Visual Artist to Watch : May Edition

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1. Chris Thomas

What do you LOVE about art?

I love the reality that anyone can create art and their vision will be appreciated by at least one person in the world. The ability to have full control over what you produce, decide how it will be viewed by your peers, and to know that it can have positive effect in someone’s life. Yes art is a form of self-expression that we all love, but to me it is so much more. It’s a gift that can be taken beyond the superficial to the depths of the spiritual.

Describe you work:

As a commission artist, a lot of my work is catered to what my clients want. Ranging from family portraits to artistic bodypaintings. However, my original pieces draw inspiration from both African and Biblical references, accented with subtle iconography placed throughout the painting that deepen the meaning of the painting. It’s never “in-your-face”, but it demands an attention to detail. 

Instagram Link: www.instagram.com/christhomasart

Email: christopherthomasartistry@gmail.com

2. The Art Doll

What do you LOVE about art?

What I love about art is no one can tell you what your work should look like, i love how art is an expression and is subjective. Art can create controversy and conversation. I love how artist can create a masterpiece with their own styles and put a little piece of them into each of their art. I love that art cultivate emotion and leave footprints on its viewers.

Tell me about your work?

….. my work remains faceless so the viewers can incorporate themselves into the paintings. I create art based on visions or dreams. People is my inspiration. My main focus for my art is to create for the purpose of bringing beauty to canvas.

Instagram : @the_artdoll & @artbyartdoll
Email: artbyartdoll@gmail.com


What do you LOVE being an artist?

I love art and being an artist because of the infinite potential. You can create anything because art is all about your creativity.

Describe your work?

My work is a description of me. So Dail Chambers is a visual artist and creative consultant. My visual art practice is a multimedia exploration in genealogy, women’s narratives and social art. As a homeschooling, teaching artist I’ve traveled internationally, implementing lesson plans to enhance and motivate inter-generational learning environments.


4. AceOfSpades Art World

What does art DO for you?

I love the self motivation, the drive, the resilience it gives me. The overall ability to create such immaculate art work motivates me.

Describe your work?

In my spectrum of art I focus on the “surreal” matters that connect and captivate ones eye (visually), ones thoughts (mentally), and ones feelings (emotionally). Surrealism is the releasing of the unconscious, meaning that I use images in ways that are juxtaposed in many ways. My creative style is a mix of dramatic scenery and also relaxed elements having an equal balance within every piece. In addition, I also use landscapes to give my pieces a sense of identity and tranquility.

Contact info: Marcell Mr. AceOfSpades
IG: Marcell.da.martian__
Email: marcelldadon@gmail.com


What INSPIRES your art?

I love painting, and I like doing it on 3D surfaces. This series of dolls is the first thing I’ve ever made with the intention of selling. I like good horror movies because they are social commentary. Unless it’s a commission I stick with movies that really resonated with me or spark nostalgia. I’ve love people’s responses to these intense or memorable scenes on an art form that is usually traditional. Other art that I make is more selfish and personal and usually not for sale

Describe your dolls?

These matryoshka dolls are in homage to horror and cult classic films. Custom orders available!

More work by Chris Thomas Art


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