BUILDING BLACK BUSINESS: Supporting upstart catering company 27 TABLES

27 TABLES is an upstart catering company founded by Steve Townsend. This Young yet seasoned food-master from the Midwest has gradually elevated himself throughout his time in the food and hospitality industry. As a chef and cook at several restaurants overtime he manifested that he would soon have his own company. And he manifested with dedication and effort however no one could’ve foreseen is monumental 2020. This pandemic was mean and brutal and because of it the start up of 27 Tables was halted. And just like most challenges there are ways to overcome it. As I give you more about the foundation for this new company I also provide you with a link to help fund this worthy black owned business.

This fund seeks to provide start up cost to ensure that the vision comes to fruition.

The dining table has always been a symbol of many things at 27 Tables it symbolizes our values:

•Of honoring tradition, while embracing personal authenticity
•Of growing the community through educating the next generation
•Sharing love through hospitality.

We wanted to create a catering company to  provide an enriching unique dining and fellowship experience that nourishes through knowledge, celebrates and supports community while creating lifelong memories.



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