A year in Review Part 1: BALLROOM 2020 The Jukeboxx’s HOT 50

1. Chi Chi Prodigy

2. West Runway Squad ( Meme, Zimmy, & Giovanni)

3. Jovan Balmain

4. Vanessa Frost

5. The West Vogue Line Up

Make no mistake Pusscee was the quarterback so to speak of the team this year but there were many team players. Rather it was Tae, James, Amor, Shy, Destiny and so on.

6. Vance Chanel


7. Spirit Ebony

8. Jeremy Revlon

9. Jourden Lanvin

10. Lanvin cast from “Legendary”

11. Heidi Labeiji

12.Marcus Balmain

13. Rodney, Jamari and the House of Balmain Legendary Team

14. The Balmain MF Realness Line Up

The combination of Mitch, Hitman, JD, Shady, Meeko, Mekhi, Khaos, Rodney, JT and so on have blazed through BQ Realness. Rather its the far in end of Thug realness or getting down to business with Executive.

15. Precious 007

16. Karma Gucci

17. Logik 007

18. The M&M Garcon Girls

This dynamic duo is the new era of FF Runway. They are fierce, fashion forward, charismatic, and down right OVAH. Rather its popping out on social media or strutting on the floor this was definitely and M&M kind of year.

19. The Continued Rise of All American Runway

While All American Runway is no stranger to ballroom the category created by Devin Elite has certainly grown over the years. With folx from all regions crossing over and showing the world different styles and characters in the category. This year we’ve seen Xman West, Shady Balmain, Saint Mugler, Zo Balmain, Jay Moscow, CJ Lanvin, Berry Aga, Mekhi Balmain, Logik 007, Brodie Mugler, Zodiac Chanel, and many more setting up a AA Runway revolution.

20. Bianca Balmain

21. Bleu Balenciaga

22. Layla & Jamiyah Balmain

23. Lolita 007 & Honey Legendary Team

24. Jarrel Gucci and the House of Gucci

25. Medusa Balenciaga

26. The Raise of Virtual Ballroom

2020 brought us The Virtual Ball Scene. Innovative folks like Isla Ebony and Precious 007 took us to another place. Mother Toya Ebony & Father Kentrelle Gucci even gave us a major ball on 2 different platforms. Rather on Zoom or Bigo folx really participated and made the best of it. New personalities were created and a new day I the scene has begun.

27. The year of the New Houses and New Generation Legends

Several new houses made this list but there are so many more that flourished. For example the beautiful house of Margiela turned heads. Not only for the “We not going to go there moment” but for having one of the most well dressed houses in the scene.

And what about Legends like Barbie Makaveli and her new house. And even the houses that didn’t get to debut yet. Its a new day in ballroom and it’s amazing to see the generational stranglehold being broken.

28. Jerel West

29. JT Balmain

30. All members from The RWT Team performance teams

31. Khaos Ebony

32. The Raise of Ballroom Content & Media Creators

Throughout 2020 a plethora of innovative content creatives and videographers arose including Jay Garcon, Ball Voyeurs, Ballroom Reacts, Chronicle Images, Vogue Tip, Chris Got Footage, Just BallroomTV, and KB Vogue Clips

33. House REVAMPS

This year we saw the Houses of Revlon, Chanel, Khan, and Mizrahi revamp with new leadership and folx from the younger generation being part of the conversation. Leaders like Piggi & Jeremy Revlon, Taurus Khan, George Mizrahi, Derrick & Gee Gee Chanel and so on.

35. Prodigy Vogue Line Up

Man Man, Ty, Blu, Chi Chi and more! They completely captivated this year. Though there weren’t many balls to receive that live and in person energy they made every moment count. Man Man and Ty demolished every time that hit the floor. Its no doubt that Prodigy was in the conversation.

36. All cast members and special guest of HBO’s Legendary

37. Ballroom meets Only Fans

38. Continued resurgence of Detroit Ballroom Scene

39. The Larry’s

Lil Man & Larry Ebony

40. Leggoh Johvera & OTA Weekly

41. Legendary Omari & The House of Oricci

42. Miyah & Natasha Ebony

43. Gunner Tisci

44. Simone Margiela

45. Lanvin Runway Squad

46. Corey Lanvin

47. Lil James, Anthony & The House of West


Snookie West, Paris Blahnik, Chazzi West, Tree Ebony, Norman Ebony, Buddah Ebony, Lloyd Ebony & More

49. Shocka 007

50. Novah Balmain

Published by Maven Lee

Maven Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, advocate, fitness professional, and motivational speaker. He has several years of entertainment experience as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and poet. Logik is also a legend in the underground ball scene.

2 thoughts on “A year in Review Part 1: BALLROOM 2020 The Jukeboxx’s HOT 50

  1. Zesssssss God Simone Margiela Come Through Sis 👠👠💄💋 Always Current And Congratulations Jukeboxx 🥂💋
    With The Love Of Ballroom Always

    Ps. Your ROSE
    Chanel Maison Margiel


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