Entrepreneur Maven Lee creates new Ballroom Experience for St. Louis

For some folks August 21st isn’t coming fast enough. The people in the city are excited for the new ball experience called ONE NIGHT ONLY .

This is one of the biggest balls the city has seen in years. There will be everything from food vendors to community organizations setting up tables. The event hopes to be an interactive and innovative experience like never before.

Maven Lee now a member of the Haus of Margiela is pulling out all the stops by putting all his energy into this sure to be wonderful experience.

St.Louis has flourished in the past and many folks believe it’s time to revitalize and rebuild. After years of being dormant and many not getting to reach their full potential its only right to put the feet to the fire.

With more information coming soon just know this ball is giving out over $3000 and bringing in some big names from around the country. Stay tuned for updated details and don’t be afraid to find the event : https://fb.me/e/5wTqf0Zee


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