LIL NAS X we deem you The Iconic King Nas X by Maven Lee

Last night will go down in history as the day a black queer man successfully empowered, changed, slapped, and said HELLO to the world all at once.

We were privileged to a short film shorter than a short film. And we still got everything we needed. A storyline from start to finish. And oh was it a story. The story than many LGBTQ folx know all to well.

But his story isn’t just about queerness but it’s the intersection of so many identities. It broke down barriers untouched by anyone else before him. He was a brown skin man. A young man. A masculine man. A feminine man. A queer man. A gay man. He spoke to his fears and took control of his mental wellness. He willed himself.

And with all the social and cultural impact there’s still more that makes it amazing !

Aside from the fact his sex appeal certainly resonated with men, women, and everyone in between. Dare I say he also blurred the lines of sexual orientation … because some of my heterosexual friends both male and female thought twice. He brought the creative genius to the Max.

Many of us have compared him to a male version of Missy or a gay version of Busta Rhymes. I challenged it. While it’s clear he’s been inspired he is now simply Lil Nas X In a lane of his own.

He used his creativity to challenge some of the toxic ideals of religion and heteronormative culture. And in the world like this boldness is how you get their attention.

As someone in the LGBT ballscene I can tell you he’s about to inspire us creatively for years to come.

Shared from his Instagram and Twitter

I can go on and on about how historic and iconic this is but this letter to himself says so much more.

Introducing the Iconic King Nas X!


1 thought on “LIL NAS X we deem you The Iconic King Nas X by Maven Lee

  1. Wow…just wow…future is now.


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