THE REINTRODUCTION OF MICHAEL REVLON : “My de-transition changed my life” A brief sit down with ballroom Legend Michael Revlon

I’m enamored by the transparency and bravery of this man. Gender expression and identity to some people is always more challenging than it supposed to be. It’s disappointingly difficult for some to allow folx to live their truths. And this is especially true for those that we assume it’s our business to understand in order to respect. All transitions can be tough. And for this superhuman to navigate two different transitions that both come with questions, opinions, and acts of bravery I am empowered. So from one legend to another I am proud, inspired, and privileged to share this space with you. Let’s go! – Maven Lee Margiela

1. MAVEN: I’m excited so excited to chat with you today! So before I start what name am I using? Mike or Michael?

MIKE: Mike Lowery is just my Facebook name. My birth name is Michael. Mike it’s just a cute nickname but Michael Allen is the person my mom gave birth to. Call me Mike today!

2. MAVEN: Who was Feminine Destruction/Amori ?

MIKE: Ciani Amori was a character I created to feel beautiful. It made feel like I mattered. I felt like I had life to live when I transformed into that character. As a young boy I didn’t feel special or attractive and I felt totally awkward . As Ciani people gave me compliments and credit for things pre-Ciani I felt invisible for.

3. MAVEN : What was the moment like when you decided to make this transition?

MIKE: It happened kinda randomly nothing was wrong really. As I grew older I just felt more and more incomplete and unfulfilled. What began as an escape started becoming a lie. I had a lot of shoulda , coulda , wouldas.

Because I rushed through my transition in the beginning I doubted I could do it. I wondered how I would be as a man. I went from a teenage boy to a female … it was tough.

4. MAVEN: What would you say to your Trans sisters as Mike?

MIKE : To my trans sisters, I love you. I respect you. I admire you. I know the path you are on. I know the struggle. Keep being you. Keep listening to that voice you heard that led you to being trans in the beginning. Let your heart guide you. If you are happy and comfortable in your transition that is great but if by chance you have any other feelings it’s ok to follow those to!

5. MAVEN: What motivated you to share your de-Transitioning experience with the world ?

MIKE: Had I have meet a person who had detransitioned before I transitioned I would have had a better outlook on things . At 17 I wanted to be a girl never thinking about my future, my health or anything long term I just thought for the moment ! Also I feel like the few people who I heard that detransitioned disappeared and lived a private life. It’s almost like they dropped of the face of the earth. I wanna be the one you see grow and be happy , productive and free! People need to see it’s possible . And I’m going to take on the challenge.

6. MAVEN: How has your de-transition affected your relationships with friends and family?

MIKE: It made them all better. Everyone who knew me really already knew how unique and different I was.

7. MAVEN: Does this change your ballroom experience?

MIKE : Mentally Detransitioning does change things a little with me in ballroom because Michael wasn’t there for all that. Michael is this quiet shy guy who got caught up in ballroom. He experienced the good, bad, and everything in-between. I still haven’t found the formula to balance my masculine and feminine energy yet and I don’t wanna be labeled. Until I figure that out I just laying low. And that’s why I haven’t really done much in ballroom since to be honest. But nothing can take away what I’ve done in ballroom and the positive benefits I reaped from it. I’ve traveled the entire country. I’ve met some of the best people. I gained a confidence that I may have never had. I had the strength of a warrior. And I’m still the Legendary one.

8. MAVEN: Do you feel supported In this process? And if so is it the Kiki or Mainstream ball scene that encourages more?

MIKE: I do l! Everyone has made this extremely easy for me. The love and support was epic . Way more easier than I thought it would in 2016 when I planned this detransition

9. MAVEN: What would you say to others who may have felt pressured into transitioning and are afraid to de-transition?

MIKE: It’s ok it happens to the best of us , but let’s move on from here. Transitioning is mental…. so let’s start by owning your own gender and not caring what others see or think of you as! It’s ok to have a change of heart and mind! It’s a very brave choice to do what’s best for you. People will try an push you in certain directions for other reasons than the right one for you. Go with your heart. Even if it means de-transition.

10. MAVEN: Is there something you’d like to share that we left out ? What wisdom can you share with us ?

MIKE : I’m here to listen to anyone. To talk to anyone. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to talk ! There was no one for me to reach out to and I had to do it all alone. That was tough. That was hard.

Now that I made it to the other side of a scary decision I am extremely happy with myself! I am proud of my scars and my journey. I have little regrets because transition and detransition made me into this super human individual who is built for anything !

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