THE HUMMINGBIRD OF BALLROOM : A quick look into the Iconic voice Legendary Kevin JZ Prodigy .. “Ranika” if your nasty!

There’s much that can be said about one of the most eclectic voices in Ballroom. But nothing more factual and true that it is one of the most distinct sounds most of us have ever heard. Sounds that became a part of a community’s language. Like their predecessor the voice of the Ballroom nation Selvin aka MC Debra … Kevin transcended the role of a commentator. They became lyricist. They produced real time tracks on the floor. And every time they gave a performer their own unique experience who knew they would be the soundtrack to the masses.

We might ask ourselves how does someone become so good? How does a person so masterfully align with your every movement? And I think part of that answer lies in their own creative performance.

You can’t deny their artistry on the floor. The soft and feminine fire. The dazzling drama. And the storytelling hands. And I think it’s clear that that connection between your movements, your mind, and your words is a powerful mix.

When Miss Ranika if you’re nasty vogues it’s at that moment their chanting makes even more sense. And the word that presents itself is CONNECTION !

The connection that they have with the audience and the performers is like no other. And your body moves at times without thought. Your hands get to going and your imaginary hair (if you don’t have any gets to shaken lol)

They have traveled the world. From big cities to small towns. Igniting the flame and getting insane. Making the girls go crazy in the brain. And all they wanna do is vogue in the name. In the name of Kevin JZ.

Now we have to be honest a culture might owe him a little money. Because when we couldn’t get him to our events we surely listened to him online. Chant after chant on YouTube would give them Millions of views. Imagine if Apple Music was around years ago. They may have single-handedly created a whole new genre in music. Hell I’d argue they still can.

And while we cannot go back in time for some things perhaps we should think more about what we can do in the present.

And I think while the public opinion in the majority might be largely clear … the ceremonial acknowledgement has got to come soon. Because we exist in a time where the unexpected has become the new normal.

My final thoughts are simple thank The Ballroom Gods for the voice of a decade. With you some of our greatest legends found their groove! To the Architect of a genre … WELL DONE!

Now check out a few quotes from folx in community who had this to say today:

“ The Voice of Philadelphia” and that’s exactly who they are. – Icon Niambi Prodigy

“There is no voice like Kevin’s. They are the master at what they do and their chants evoke an energy in you unlike any other. A true artist in control of their art.” – Legendary OVA Overseer Intyce Makaveli

They are the one that brings out my full performance it’s like they make my body do exactly what they say !!! – Legendary Indigo Ebony

“The Voice that changed vogue and created modern commentation with their rhythms, inflections and language; always duplicated, Kevin JZ is not a Legend, they are an ICON, and they are currently leading the way in defining a new American music genre.” – Up and Coming Legend Mother Isla Ebony

Your talent and style is something that has touched the hearts of ballroom for over 20 years and your legacy has been set in stone… a iconic voice that will always be here for generations to walk categories to in ballroom. – SE Commentator OTY Paris Blahnik

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