Black LGBTQ St. Louis is powerful and plenty. It is rich in creative, visual, and performing arts, and full of empowerment and inspiration for us all.

It is home to a competitive Drag pageant community and a talented ballroom, vogue scene. Long lasting pageants like Mr and Miss Missouri State, Fannies, Cosmopolitan and premier balls like Meko Ebony’s Valentine Ball and One Night Only continue to flourish. Festivals like FemFest, St.Louis Black Pride, and WerQfest continue to create safe spaces and opportunities for the community and allies.

A multitude of our city’s finest movers and shakers are champions of this community. They are artists, entrepreneurs and everything in between.

Strengthening the community are several black founded community organizations: Williams & Associates, WPT Cares, MO Ho Justice and The Community Wellness Project.

They work to address issues in the community, build relationships, combat stigma, and strengthen self-love and pride for every LGBTQIA person of color.

Black queer folx have been a part of everyone’s black history regardless of affectional orientation, identity, or expression; influencing music, art, sports, literature, film, and science. It is very clear that the sky is not the limit for this limitless community. And fortunately enough, they welcome all.


*** please note this list is in no specific order and is a reflection of folx currently residing in St.Louis, transplants of at least 2 years, and former residents with long standing influence.

*** There are far more than 100’s amazing LGBTQ FOLX to name this but a few of many!

*** feel free to add more in comments

  • Slumfest Artist of the Year, Rapper, Songwriter and FemFest Founder: Bates
  • CNN Political Commentator, BET Talk Show Host : Keith Boykin
  • Award Winning Professor, Visual & Performing Artist, and founder of The Justice Fleet : Cypress Amber Reign
  • Actress and Bad Girls Club Alum: Jonica “Blu” Booth
  • Playwright, Actor, Singer and founder of JPEK Creative Works: Joel P.E. King
  • TLT Productions, WerQfest Founder and Indie Artist: TreG
  • Actor, Host, and Personality: Byron Keaton
  • Netflix “Dragula” Star, Multi-Instrumentalist, Host, Activist and Q’UART Founder: Maxi Glamour
  • Drag and Male pageant winner: Silver Steele
  • Celebrity Make Up Artist and “Carta Works” owner: Dee Davis
  • Kode Redd Dance Studio Owner, COCA Instructor, legendary Dancer and International Choreographer: Anthony Redd Williams
  • Author, Poet, Councilwoman: Aja LaStarr Owens
  • Advocate and Educator: Tyrell Manning
  • Alderwoman, Tina Sweet-T Pihl
  • Model, Ballroom Leader, and Diva of the Grove Vanessa Frost
  • Activist, Artist, and Founder of MO-Ho Justice Jay Marie Hill
  • Dj and Entrepreneur:
  • Entrepreneur, Host, Drag legend, and founder of Missouri State: Vincent “Vicki Valentino” Tucker
  • Dj and Host: Rico Steez
  • Legendary Drag Queen, Activist, PRIDE St.Louis Board Member and Community Leader: Jordan “Dieta Pepsi” Braxton
  • Designer, Fashion Guru: Terrill Keith
  • Singer :
  • Drag Queen, Host, and Queen of the Divas of the Grove : Chastity Valentino
  • Rapper, Poet: LL Manny
  • Missouri State Founder and Legendary Host: Vicki Valentino
  • Legendary Community Leader and Educator: Lawrence Lewis
  • Singer & Songwriter: Golliday
  • Vogue Legend and Dancer: Jariya Ebony
  • International Dancer & Choreographer ( Lil Nas , Kehlani, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Tyler The Creator, Christina Aguilera) : Tramon Richard
  • Choreographer, Dancer, and Ballroom Standout: Kam Sanders
  • Ballroom Vogue phenomenon and Community leader: Spirit Ebony
  • Actor, Ballroom scene Leaders : Carvas “Raheem” Pickens
  • Filmmaker, Writer, and Creative prodigy : David Kirkman
  • Rapper, Producer and Songwriter: Bynk Bravado
  • Entrepreneur and Promoter: Shernise Jones
  • Designer and Drag Performer: Vontez “Simora Bonet” Williams
  • Rapper, Writer: KV the Writer
  • Choreographer and Dancer ( Rihanna, SZA, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, Chloe x Halle) : Jamal Deandre
  • Singer and Songwriter: Jalisa Renay
  • Host, Entrepreneur, founder of PL Creatives : Paul Leon
  • Entrepreneur and owner of Paw Purfect Pet Grooming Salon : Pawl Simon
  • LGBT Community Leader, Kiki Ballroom Icon: Kece Ebony
  • Singer (Tonight Show with Jay Leno and contestant on American Idol) : Curtis Finch
  • Miss Legacy International Newcomer, Pageant Promoter and Drag Queen: Seianna Sanchez
  • Drag Entertainer and Creative: Robyn Hearts
  • Community Outreach Leader and Former Adult Film Actor : Trell “Lil Tyga” Chanel
  • National Pageant Queen, Drag Legend, Show Host, and Designer : Kitty Litter
  • Educator, Ballroom Legend, and Community leader: Joel “JD” Jackson
  • Art Curator, Organizer, and Activist: Kristian Blackmon
  • Educator and Founder of Williams & Associates : Erise Williams
  • Host, Pageant Promoter, and legendary Community leader: Danny “Pebbles” Sanders
  • Designer and Drag Legend: Ralph “Simpson” Moore
  • Educator and Community leader: Darius Rucker
  • Legendary Drag Performer: Alexis Principle
  • Entrepreneur and Chef: Curtis McCann
  • Rapper and Legendary Ballroom leader : Blanca Tha Bawdy
  • Drag Legend , Singer, and Dancer : Teiona Mazzaratie Steele
  • Entrepreneur, Singer and Educator: Jaqui Rogers
  • Singer and Songwriter: Frankie DoWop
  • Legendary Ballroom Face Diva, Former Miss Fannies, and Drag performer Extraordinaire: Ming Lee Chanel
  • Activist, Artist, and Organizer: Charles Buchanan
  • Educator and Entrepreneur: Javania Michelle
  • Legendary Drag Performer: Regina Aigner
  • Vocal Producer, Host, and Singer : Kourtney Harris
  • Male Drag Entertainer: Jabori Steele
  • Former Club Owner, Police Officer, and organizer of the legendary Fathers Day Picnic : Morris “Big Moe” Lewis
  • Drag Performer and Former Miss Missouri State: Jadakiss
  • Dancer, COCA Instructor, Ballroom Vogue standout: Fame Lee Chanel
  • Community Gate Keeper and Socialite: Durron “Javon” Brown
  • Entrepreneur, Overall Father of the House of Ambrosia, and Artist: Courtland “Fatha” Ambrosia
  • Entrepreneur, Spiritualist, Vogue Legend, and Performer: Paris Carson
  • Program Coordinator of Project Stop and Life Coach : Hezakiah Williams
  • Drag Legend and Host : Candy Principle
  • Educator, Mental Health Guru, Community leader and Co-creator of Pillow Talk : Steven “Lula Bell” Fields
  • Creative, DJ, Entrepreneur, and Artist: Joshua Harshaw
  • Educator and Artist: Christopher Thomas
  • Multi- Instrumentalist, Podcaster, Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, and Producer: Ben James Chandler
  • Designer (Tamron Hall Show) : Michael Shead
  • Rapper and Songwriter : Eric Donte
  • Alchemist: Shahil Ahaya
  • Poet, Rapper: Leethal
  • Founder of Inthelyfe St.Louis, Community Leaders, and former BPSTL President: Audrey AP Pearson
  • HIV Educator and organizer: Darne Guest
  • Male and Female Drag Performer and Community Outreach Worker: Lamont “Sharissa/Tiger” Wilson
  • Singer and Musician: Robert Dillard
  • President of Black Pride St.Louis: Randy Rafter
  • Legendary Commentator and founder of one of the longest running balls in ballroom history : Meko Burr
  • DJ, Icon and founder of St.Louis Ballroom Scene : Kevin Brock
  • Trans Activist: Amiyah Cole
  • Pastor of The Sanctuary: Romeo Parks-Weekly
  • Promotor : Peachez Jointer
  • Former Mr. Missouri State : Maze
  • Drag Performer and Ballroom standout : Essence Mazzaratie Gucci
  • Community Leader : Deandre F. Morris
  • Educator: Em Maxey
  • Up and coming Ball Legend, Singer, Activist: Miyonnee
  • Make Up Artist, Legendary ballroom figure, and Performer : Mechee Harper
  • Black Pride Board member and 1st Gentleman of The Sanctuary : Damion Parks- Weekly
  • Entrepreneur and Community Gate keeper: Latonya Kelly
  • Entrepreneur, Drag King, and Pageant Winner: Danny Tanner LePaige
  • Ballroom Legend and Travel Guru : Kellen “Denise” Myers
  • Actress and Trailblazer : Tyra Nicole
  • Trans Activist: Miyonnee Hickman
  • Drag Entertainer, Hospitality professional, and Socialite: Cheyenne Devereaux
  • Ballroom Standout and Entrepreneur: Chanel Ross
  • Delux Magazine’s : ML Hunt
  • Entertainer and Host : Sara Shay
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch’s : Kevin Johnson
  • Entrepreneur, Ballroom KIKI Scene Legend: Poonie Jay Harris
  • Host and Promoter: Raychel Haywood
  • Action St.Louis co- Founder: Kayla Reid
  • For the Culture Creator, Activist, Creative: Ohun Ashe


While it is clearly stated above the list that folx where not placed in order of prestige or importance it’s possible some folx weren’t aware . TO ENSURE that there’s NO CONFUSION Numbers we’re replaced with bullets in this piece so folx wouldn’t assume this is in any way competitive or attended to cause conflict. Also If anyone desires removal from acknowledgment please comment below.

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