BELIEVE IT : Curtis McCann, A young chef with a belief, a vision, and a recipe for success!

“No one will believe in you like yourself.” A quote by McCann

It all started with a Catered by Curtis. A blossoming new business created by an ambitious entrepreneur. It was the brainchild of Curtis McCann. This skilled food artist would make waves with his tasty food and professional service. His Sunday Soul series was a hit and business was consistently moving. It was only a matter of time before folx wanted more!

After gifting folx with wonderful catered events and entertaining their tastebuds with good food Catered by Curtis was headed to new territory. His belief in his craft created space for an entire new vision.

After some deep brainstorming and building connections McCann opened Juanita’s Creole Soul Cafe in Dutchtown inside the Urban Eats commissary. He named the cafe after his grandmother Juanita. And on the menu you would find this absolutely amazing blind of creole and soul inspired food

Combining his experience in New Orleans and his upbringing on soul food he would bring St.Louis a well received gem.

After rave reviews and nods in various publications from Sauce Magazine to the Post-Dispatch this young chef had turned his vision into a success.

Through the last 2 years the world has endured through a tough season of pandemic woes and life changing realities. And even McCann took time to refresh and recharge to bring out his 2021 best.

Though currently running as a ghost kitchen Juanita’s will officially reopen March 12.

For catering and dinner services contact us at 314-405-4285 and email,

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