Board of Advisors

JASMINE OSBY | she/her | She is an international award winning Publicist and journalist. She currently writes for several nation and international publications.

ARRISON KINCAID | he/him/she/her | Arrison is an Entrepreneur, major Retail Manager, Marketing consultant, and up and coming legend of the LGBTQ Ball scene. Arrison is a proud black Gender expansive human.

DOMINIC MOOG, BA | they/them | They are Wash U Med student, queer organizational leader, and community liaison. They are also a part of the International House of Bodega. They are also a Lebanese American that most closely identifies as non-binary

TAMMY GREENE, AA | she/her | She is a black queer woman and entrepreneur. Tammy is also mother and wife with an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

VANESSA MUGLER | she/her | She is a community leader, certified interventionist, HIV Test counselor, leader in the international House of Miyake Mugler, a seasoned performer, Legend in the ballroom scene, and a black woman of trans experience

BOBBY PHREE | he/him | Bobby is a artist and creative who specializing in poetry and visual art. He is cis-het black man who believes in the power of art.

MELISSA BLAIR | she/her |


MOENAH | she/her

Moenah is the Overall Queen mother of the Haus of Delcore, a legend in the ballscene, a trans advocate, and 10+ year expert in HIV prevention and outreach.

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